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Don't bombard your volunteer with overwhelming requests. When first requesting, ask what their limits are.  It never hurts to ask, but understand they may have limits.  No more than three requested items is reasonable, but your volunteer may be willing to do more. Communicate with them!

If you are requesting more than what you feel is appropriate, and if there is no charge for an item, consider sending a couple stamps or money as a "tip" to encourage them to keep volunteering.  You may need them another time!

Keep in mind that this site will grow through "word of mouth" and by people stepping forward.  Please consider what resources you might have that will help others, and remember to encourage others to volunteer their resources.

Categories of Resources

Regional Resources
Examples of "Regional Resources" category:

(Note that a regional resource such as "New England Churches" would be found under each of the states it addresses.)

Birth, death, marriage, cemetery indexes, websites, city directories, yearbooks, school photos, funeral home records, courthouse, church, Historical/Genealogical Society lookups - (land, marriage, christening, probate, wills, etc.). Library lookups (obituaries, biographies, historical books, maps, etc.), digital photos or videos of any historical or family locale - (cemetery, church, war memorial, land, etc.). Military resources (state and county books, biographies, etc.).

Family History Resources
Examples of "Family History Resources" category:

(These will generally not fit well into a regional area.)

Published family history/biography books such as "The Duncan Family History" diaries, journals, scrapbooks, written family histories, photographs, websites. Military resources (personal diaries, journals, scrapbooks, photographs, etc.).